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High School

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The Bible is full of stories of different people through time who had transformative experiences with God on mountain tops. We call our high school ministry ’Summit’ because we want to be place where students have an opportunity to experience the love and grace that Jesus offers us in a way that transforms the way that they approach life… all while having a ton of fun together with friends!


Summit meets on Sunday nights at 6:00 in The Hub at CCC


While our programming is officially done at 8:00, we often will hang out for a little while afterwards, either playing basketball or just chatting. Don’t feel like you have to rush out!


For the latest info, check out our Instagram page.


If you’d like to receive our weekly email updates, or if you have any other questions, contact us by emailing students@visitccc.comIf you'd like to serve with Summit, let us know and complete your clearances (renew every 5 years). 

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Summit is led by Kenton Hock

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