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PARTNERSHIP at Christ Community Church

Become a Partner at CCC

a shared

Partnership at Christ Community Church is a way you can connect to our church in important and meaningful ways. In becoming a Partner, you affirm a shared belief, a shared commitment, a shared opportunity and a shared journey. It is our desire that everyone who calls CCC their home church would Partner with us, and join our Growth Path. Watch the videos below to learn about what Partnership at CCC is. Then, use the "Become a CCC Partner" form to become a partner.

In the first of our videos our Lead Pastor, Rev. Dr. Billy Burch, and our Director of Connection Zach Gendall give you a brief introduction to Partnership at Christ Community Church, and to the CCC Growth Path.

a shared belief


As a Partner, you are affirming your agreement with Christ Community Church’s Core Beliefs, as well as alignment with our stated Mission and Vision. Find out more about this in the two videos below.

Brett Dutton shares the importance of a shared belief and affirmation of our church's Core Beliefs, Mission and Vision.

In the below video, Jim Stevenson shares in detail about the seven Core Beliefs of Christ Community Church.



As a Partner, you are committing to actively support Christ Community Church’s spiritual and relational health. This commitment includes building relationships, volunteering to help, and contributing financially to the church – all of which we call the CCC "Growth Path."

CCC Growth Path

Partners at Christ Community Church are committed to be involved in our Growth Path. As we experience Jesus together, there are 5 key areas we ​want to grow together. SUNDAY On Sunday mornings we gather and celebrate who God is and what he has done. Get training and re-charged for your week with teaching, worship, prayer and togetherness.  ​ GROUPS Deepen your faith with the critical step of joining with others to share your journey and shoulder life together.  ​ INVITE The best way to make someone feel welcome is by inviting them to join you. Ask someone you know to come with you to CCC on Sundays and throughout the week. ​ SERVE Find and activate your unique purpose and calling in one or many areas of service in our church or community, identifying and meeting tangible & felt needs. GIVE Tithes and offerings helps us meet many needs every day, and equips us to share the hope of Jesus with the women, men, and children in our church and community throughout the week.



Being a Partner means seeking opportunities to grow in our faith by developing deeper relationships with each other and with God. We believe that following the Growth Path will help do exactly that. Learn more about both our shared commitment and opportunity in the video below.

Kevin Reigner, Tim Brown and Yeukai Everingham share about the importance of our shared COMMITMENT and OPPORTUNITY.



As a Partner, you are on a journey with Christ Community Church as we experience life together, encourage and support one another, and pursue growth in our faith.

Neill and Laura Reidy share the importance of this shared journey together.

a shared JOURNEY

Ready to become a Partner? Awesome!

If you consider Christ Community Church your church home and affirm a shared belief, a shared commitment, a shared opportunity and a shared journey as articulated in our Core Beliefs and Growth Path, it is our desire for you to partner with us. Please use the form below to become a CCC Partner:
member membership

Become a Partner Form
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