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We're a church that cares.

We care about families. We care about moms and dads and women and men.

We care about the hurt that people feel and the stress that impacts their lives. 

We care about little things and big things. 

We believe that building healthy communities are an essential way of accomplishing God's purposes for us today. And we believe that knowing Jesus is at the center of it all.

Our Vision

We feel a strong calling connect with and minister to our immediate community of Chester County. 

This focused calling helps our members to Lead, Grow and Transform Chester County in ways that we believe align our passions and God's heart with the deeply felt needs of our community. 

How It Works

When you begin following someone, you start looking and sounding like them. This transforming process of mirroring your leader is called "discipleship." 

Since we believe that Jesus is the best leader to follow, we've woven Discipleship tightly into our new mission particularly for the members of our church. 

To help our members with this process of following and becoming more like Jesus, we developed a Discipleship Path with 4 essential components: 

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Sunday Morning

Gather and celebrate who God is and what he has done. Get training and re-charged for your week with teaching, worship, prayer and togetherness. 


Find and activate your unique purpose and calling in one or many areas of service in our church or community, identifying and meeting tangible & felt needs.


Deepen your faith with the critical step of joining with others to share your journey and shoulder life together. 


A unique and easy way to share the incredible story and impact of Christ's love with others through a seamless and natural process of connecting with others. Begin with prayer, Listen with care, Eat (or Experience life) together, Serve with love, and then Share your story. 

Our Vision

When it all comes together, it looks like this:

We want to transform the lives of people in Chester County

by equipping a movement of disciples

to make new disciples.

In other words, we want to "know Christ, and make Him known."

And, while we're at it, bless the socks off people and communities all over Chester County. 

Open up, O heavens, and pour out your righteousness.

Let the earth open wide so salvation and righteousness can sprout up together.

I, the Lord, created them.  

Isaiah 45:8